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Pray on the Hour

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People of all religions, all over the world, are invited to unite in prayer and meditation, every hour, on the hour, of every day.

At this time when we are physically distancing from one another, we can sometimes feel alone.

Our wish is that people from every time zone, on this planet, be joined together.

Be with us when you can.

Pray in your own way.

Unite as One
right here, right now.

Thank you

Click on this live map to see of those of us who are connected
(the locations are not specific)

PrayOnTheHour.org is an anonymous gift to the world.
Its purpose is to comfort prayerful people and show them visually that there are others praying/meditating with them right now, they are not alone.
Save the link to your desktop, in your Browser and on your phone, and click on it every time you meditate or anytime you can.


"Click" the website and then open your consciousness for a "click" of Awareness.