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Pray on the Hour

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People of all faiths are invited to gather in prayer and meditation, every hour of every day, and any time you can.

At this time when we are told to seperate ourselves, we must not seperate ourselves from God.

Our wish is that people from every time zone on this planet, feel the Activity of Love and Peace here and embrace each other in Spirit and brotherly Love. May we realize and acknowledge the Perfect Peace that Passeth understanding.

Gather together as One, right here, right now.

Be with us as often as you can.

Peace Matters

Click on this live map to see those of us with you right now

(the locations are not specific)

Each click on PrayOnTheHour.org acknowledges your presence on the map


Save this page to your desktop, in your browser and on your phone, and click on it every time you meditate and as often as you can.

PrayOnTheHour.org is an anonymous gift to the world